Earth to Marina was launched during my freshman year of college in 2013. Ultimately, its a resource for wellness, fitness tips, and beauty products (y'know, to further compliment the wellness). It's a lifestyle blog that incorporates my love for being happy, healthy, and stress free; while also encouraging my obsession with coffee. There's even a series of posts dedicated to (mainly) New York coffee shops–check it.

I hope you enjoy what you read on here and stick around for more. I'd love to hear from you as well! Comments, questions, anything--even if you just want to ask my opinion on boy bands, feel free to comment on a post or email me via my contact page. I always respond within 48 hours!


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Hey. My name is Marina and I'm a coffee and music obsessed person (see my Twitter bio). I also just graduated from the University of South Florida! I've always lived in the sunshine state, but I spent last summer in New York and I'm facing some major city withdrawals. (Take me back!). 

I'm that person who takes a photo of everything and I'm down to try any kind of fresh, green cold-pressed juice (even if it tastes mostly like grass). 

I grew up as a dancer, which probably correlates with my love-hate-love relationship of working out; and I also think eating healthy is super important in order to maintain an exciting and energized life. (But I also think cheeseburgers are super important, too). 

Everything sound good?

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